La malédiction du soleil noir

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La malédiction du soleil noir
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Un ouvrage dédié au sujet de la malédiction du soleil noir.

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La malédiction du soleil noir
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It matters not if we believe Eltibald's words to have been a prophesy or the ravings of a madman, for we must humbly admit that life has shown they elicited much discussion. Eltibald's claims subverted the reigning system of inheritance rights, eliciting something of a storm in world politics, spurring mages to become arbiters, to distinguish between degenerate mutants with inhuman internal organs who will bring doom upon the world, and mere unruly, spoiled maidens wronged by in-breeding among the aristocracy and bad upbringing. Yet above all, Eltibald's words generated lively ethical and philosophical discussions. Discussions centering on how deep we may penetrate in studying the essence of humanity, on whether it is admissable to use torture and vivisection in seeking the truth, on where we draw the line between monster and human. This work brings together and summarizes recent, and not so recent, discussions and debates on these issues.

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Glossaire: Malédiction du soleil noir

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