Lettre moisie

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Lettre moisie
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Letter to the detective.
Objet ordinaire
Ruines du domaine Trastamara
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This letter is found in the southwest corner of the main house of the Ruines du domaine Trastamara

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Dear Master Levassieur,
I know you track outlaws for pay. I've an unusual assignment for you. No doubt you wonder why I have drawn you out here, and why we cannot meet in person. You see, in my present situation, any kind of meeting is very risky – not so much for me, as for the person with whom I meet, for I am afflicted by a curse, or (as I hope, and why I have turned to you), the side effects of medicine given to me some time ago by a herbalist.
Soon after I visited this herbalist, she disappeared without trace. I desperately wish to understand my illness, so I wish to hire you to find her. When you do, learn as much from her as you can about the medicine she gave me. If my suffering is a result of her wickedness, then make her provide an antidote. I assure you I have ample wealth and will reward you with no small part of it for your services.
If it turns out my suffering is not the fault of the herbalist, please let her go. I will then have a different task for you, because this shall mean I am afflicted by a terrible curse which only the gods can cure. I believe it was cast upon me by a certain beggar who came by the manor while I was hosting a soiree for a few friends. If you can find that vagrant, I will pay you double. Sadly, all I remember of him is that he sold mirrors. I am aware this is not much aid for your hunt, yet I trust in your considerable talents and wish you the best of luck.
Marlene de Trastamara