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Liste de prix

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Liste de prix
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Lists prices for the Le cireur de chaussures's various services.
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Next to Le cireur de chaussures's shop in Saint-Sébastien.
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Cleaning Services Price List
Leather boots, polish and shine – 20 crowns
Leather boots, polish without shine (not recommended) – 15 crowns
Single leather boot, with shine (for war veterans and other invalids, and even for tightwads) – 12 crowns
Cleaning knight's girdles and other leather accessories – 30 crowns (if boots are cleaned as well) and – 20 crowns (if boots are not cleaned, so it's worth having everything cleaned)
Special offer – metal cleaning
set of plate armor – 40 crowns
Breastplate – 15 crowns
Knee plates – 15 crowns
Basinet – 15 crowns
If you have something to be cleaned that is not on the price list, I can clean it. Price subject to agreement.
"Come a mess, leave well-dressed, you’ll see I’m the bleeding best!"