Notes concernant un prisonnier de Tesham Mutna

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Notes concernant un prisonnier de Tesham Mutna
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Notes written in blood.
Objet ordinaire
Pillé inside the Ruines de Tesham Mutna.
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I found a piece of parchment that fell from the pocket of one of the monsters. I also have a lump of coal. I would write this in my own blood, but I have hardly any left. I am cold. Every third day, they come and open my veins, after which I cannot move. I can't go on much longer. From the next cage I hear the howls of terrified people. If I had the strength, I would smash my head against the bars. I hope it won't go on much longer. Alois from the cage next to me died yesterday. They drank him to death… This must have irritated them, because I heard them arguing in their strange language.
They brought new people this morning. You could say that a supply of fresh blood arrived. They have no idea what they are in for. My only comfort is that I know already and I won't have to live through the terror that I felt the first time they came for me. I had no idea what they wanted until they pulled out their shiny instruments. I have never seen such beautiful metal , my blood glistened a purple silvery color in those instruments…