Ordres de Robin

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Ordres de Robin
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Contient des informations utiles.
Objets de quête / Livres
Objet ordinaire
In sack next to treasure chest in the Cimetière du temple crypt.
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That foolish flatulence fluffer Bruce has tried to cheat us again. But he won't get away with it this time! Take a pickaxe and a shovel and pay our dearly departed boss a visit. Her kitty face was hideous to look at even when she was alive, so the very thought of looking at it now she’s dead gives me the bloody runs. Take the jewels, pearls and other valuables bum-nibbling Bruce tossed into her grave. Oh, and if you see the milksop hanging around the cemetery, break his neck.
P.S. Apparently, ever since Selina's death, that kid's been moping near Cimetière hors-les-murs, howling at the moon. If I know life, and I do, he's got with him the key to the chest we buried with that bitch. Perhaps we could end his suffering by ending his miserable life in the lake. If he hasn't drowned himself already, that is.

Notes[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

The mention of both "Robin" and "Bruce" in this letter seems a likely allusion to Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman and his ward, Robin, especially given the alliteration.