Rapport du camerlingue concernant l'élimination de la hanse de Loth Sang-mêlé

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Rapport du camerlingue concernant l'élimination de la hanse de Loth Sang-mêlé
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Report on Knight Errantry Activities in the Duchy of Toussaint #42/g/22/ul/1271
The day of this writing saw the end of criminal enforcement activities directed against one Loth of uncertain, though certainly mixed, heritage, hence his pseudonym, Halfbreed. The above-mentioned criminal was wanted for a broad range of murders and other unlawful deeds – including the massacre at Fox Hollow – which he committed in co-malfeasance with his outlaw organization (henceforth: “hanse”). This hanse had for some time occupied the caves known as Tulasens. Using said real estate as their base of operations, they conducted numerous plunderous raids on merchants, traders and other such mercantile expeditions, extending in fact to any individuals displaying signs of carrying material goods of any worth on their persons.
The proceedings directed against said Loth Halfbreed, wanted by writ of law in Angren and Toussaint, were brought to a close by the witcher known as Geralt, who, acting on behalf of Her Illustrious Grace, conducted a summary field execution of the criminal and all his subordinates.
The standard pay for the completion of such a task was lowered by 18% to take into account water use fees and immediate payment in species.